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We both moan and say “fuckkk” he does slow strokes as we make out. He gets faster and faster. I begin to scratch his back, hoping it’d help slow...his stroke. I begin to moan louder and louder. “I’m gonna cum daddy!” He gets on his knees, and places my legs on his shoulder and drills me. We cum at the same time, letting out a roar. I feel him pulsing, filling me up. He then slides it out, and then lies down beside me. I smile then hop on. I moan. I get on my feet, and slowly ride him. He arches. "You two just started your junior year of high school and you two arefighting each other! How could you two be such polar opposites? You twoare twins for god's sake. Now you two are suspended for a whole week.What exactly do you two have to say for yourselves? Don't give me thewhole hoopla about how it was the other's fault," Katherine said brazenly.Danielle spoke up first, "Mother, there was nothing else I could do. Hewas insulting me by saying I couldn't do the same things he could. I. For instance, sex is a mostly everyday event, and usually several times in a twenty-four-hour period even after over forty-one years together. I guess that makes us old-fashioned, but that’s okay with us. We live our lives on our terms, not societies. We live naked most days, and that includes peeing together.From our second weekend together after we first met, I was in Heaven’s scent. We both went pee together on the side of a road before we had sex for the first time, and we have been peeing. We went from one course to another, eating and talking. It didn't take long for her to get loosened up, and she talked less small talk, and more about her reality. I should mention she'd changed her clothing between end of work day, and when I picked her up at her apartment. Still into the tight knit skirt thing, she sported an excellent espresso-colored silk blouse - with 2 buttons unbuttoned. The color of the blouse matched her eyes - very classy dresser. The long V in the bodice of the.

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