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It was remote enough that we felt like we were all alone, but close enough that we could come back if we forgot something. To save on gas, she suggest...d I swing by her place Friday morning and that we travel together. We were going to stay until Sunday afternoon, giving us enough time to enjoy some of the hiking trails in the area, but not so much that we needed to worry about extra gear.Friday morning, I showed up at her house at 8 a.m., as planned. We loaded her gear into my car and headed. I winked and said he was darn cute, she would love him. Again she put on the angry look; I can't do it she said. I could never be that forward with a stranger. I said I would handle everything, just relax and then I turned to walk out of the door. She said get rid of him quick. I went into the other room and explained to my friend that she was hot as hell but still putting up some resistance. We should take it slow. Like I said, she will do almost anything once she gets a dick in her. We moved. It was a shaft I was to become very familiar with that night.In retrospect – and believe me Pete and I went over the events of that night many times – though Adam’s cock was certainly pretty, in terms of size it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Shorter than Pete’s but longer than Tony’s, thicker than Pete’s but slimmer than Tony’s, it curved markedly upwards in a smooth arc from its hairless base to its smooth, purple-coloured head.I had seen Will’s shaved groin before, and to my shame,. Men would kill for a lover with that figure, women would kill to have it. She had started dating Dumbass young, like real young. He was in university almost graduated and she was most definitely was not. An early drop out of high school school, she had never worked a job in her life, excepting Dumbass to do that part for her. She was kinda stuck up over all but, to her benefit, she loved her family and would do anything for her daughters, something I used from day one. The oldest daughter was.

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