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I always take massage from 2 particular ladies & I don’t prefer new faces every time. Once inside the room as while massage I am naked this girls ar... also topless & in end they always give blowjob. Just couple of months back as I was passing from there I thought of taking a massage & I had some free time. But that day both this girls were absent & I don’t prefer any other girls. Owner suggested why don’t you try a male massager, now that was something I had never tried so I agreed. She. How could anyone not look forward to getting him on their back? Eh?” She steps out of the skirt, “I know it’s only, about 3% of women find this kind of thing a turn-on – but I can’t understand why ... THAT ... That’s just soooo fucking sexy!”Renae bends forward and strokes her dog’s head, “Yeah ... I know what you mean, alright.”Back with our guest as she reaches back to unhook that huge bra – it’s a bit of a struggle, heavy work, and then she gets it ... Bra falling away and those huge tits. That gave me first opportunity to serve her, I started rubbing the pain cream from her toes to thighs, my mom suggested me to give hot water pads also, so I requested her mom to give the hot water so I an apply in radha’s feet morning and evening,This made radha inactive for a week, so I started doing all her work and she sat in my AC room and told me what and how to do. I have to help her to bathroom and toilet. Also now I am becoming a full-time caretaker for her and her son. Even cleaning. "Herb, what he and I talk about doesn't change a thing about the way I feel about you, about the way I love you, my husband. It is completely separate from us. Please try to understand." I just looked down. It was the worst moment of my life. I had no words. Her take it or leave it decision, and that's what it was, left me no room to maneuver. It very much looked like the end of our marriage. But was I over reacting? I knew that many would say that I was. But... "I told him how you felt. He.

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