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”“What’s there to talk about?” He raised his voice to me and suddenly I realized this was a mistake. “You sucked me off, it happened and it�...�s never happening again. Case closed.” “Okaaaay. Sorry to have bothered you. It never happened.” I turned towards the door but he grabbed my arm. “What do you want me to say? That I loved it? That Lauren never makes me come that hard or ever make me feel desired? That during the ceremony, all I could think about was how your pussy tastes and how much I miss. She had been hinting about it for the last two weeks.Originally he thought it would be his birthday present, but Cindy hadn't even come to the small birthday party Karyn had thrown for him, saying she wasn't feeling good. Then when they'd gone out last weekend, the brunette had told him that it was a bad week for her to do something like that. Michael had taken the hint and settled for a hand job once again.Tonight though, was going to be the night, he had been sure of it. He had taken special. "I most certainly am!" quipped John. "She should be here in about twenty minutes." You seem to know how to keep them, John. None of the girls I meet seem to last beyond a couple of dates," Simon said, taking a long pull on his pint."You've got to want them to last, young'un," replied John. "A girl can sense when you're not planning on keeping her — I mean, even I can see it when we go out. Half the time it seems you can barely be bothered to learn their names!" Hey, I'm not that bad!" You most. I confessed the situation to Shellie who decided I teach Lauren a lesson by giving her what she wanted. Shellie forced Lauren to suck me off in front of her and drink it all down or her asshole was getting fucked. She almost got it all, but Shellie had to help out with the last bit. Shellie complemented Lauren on her effort then said with authority, But, you didnt take it all so I guess Rick is just going to have to fuck the shit out of your asshole. Laurens jaw dropped. Then she whined,.

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