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He beat the guards without much problems and entered the treasure room. Ittook him a little time to find a golden idol in the shape of a beautiful,sca...ty clad woman on a pedestal in the middle of the room. Walking slowly,avoiding any possible traps, Captain reached the pedestal and grabbed anidol. As he touched it, statue began to glow with a strange, pink light.Before he was able to do anything, captain found that he can't make anymoves, it was like his body was paralyzed. Captain could feel a. Anita looked at me and I offered my hard dick. I rubbed it against her red lips, which instantly parted; so she took me in her wet mouth and slowly sucked me deep into her throat.As I felt my dick close to explode. I asked her friend if he wanted to trade places. Before he could answer, Ana got up and pushed him down on the bed. The guy fell on his back and Ana quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out a very hard erection.My wife started sucking on it as fast as she could. I was not long and. ' I knew that much.Michelle moved back a bit and said, “Wow, we really pulled off some great stuff today!”“I know, it was great." I almost suggested that we do this again at the Paradise, but I held back. It was way too early for that decision.Instead I said, “We’re not actually going to watch the rest of this, are we?”“Of course not. I have no idea what’s going on in it. Let’s get something to eat." I knew she would say that; we had caught The Day of the Locust at another theater about five. At this point, Jessica found it hard to imagine living without them. For as long as this door was open, she intended to make the most of it.* * *Kelly and Kat had agreed to meet to walk over to Jessica’s together. Kat was, rather predictably, late, and Kelly was momentarily annoyed with her; but she was in a sunny, ebullient mood that made it hard for Kelly to stay mad. She also looked smoking hot in a short plaid skirt and clingy, revealing crop top. She was carrying a cardigan sweater,.

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